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Payment Options to Suit your Budget

At PSD Vehicle Sales we want to work with you to find the best way of getting you, your car finance. We have finance options designed to work with your budget and get you into your new car with the minimum of hassle. Our expert, friendly sales team, will help you find the right package for you. We work with a number of car finance companies to enable us to offer a comprehensive range of finance options.

Choose The Right Finance Deal For You

Repayments over 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. Spread the cost of buying your car over 2-5 years with this standard financing package. Deposits start at just £99 and repayments are fixed so you will always know where you stand. Interest rates are dependent on your personal circumstances and on the deposit you are able to put down. With a larger deposit or your old car as part exchange the APR may be reduced, subject to your personal circumstances. Please ask for details.

No two people are the same, which is why PSD offers a bespoke car finance package to suit your individual circumstances. Just tell us how much you can afford to put down as a deposit plus the amount you would like to pay each month and leave the rest to the car finance experts here at PSD. We will aim to work out a package that matches your requirements as closely as possible and helps you get the car you really want.

To apply for any of our car finance packages please complete the form below or on any of our used cars for sale.

Buying a car PSD used car finance options

PSD Vehicle Sales can offer several finance options.

Hire Purchase

  • Best for
    People who want a simple form of car finance that's easy to arrange.
  • Typical Cost
    Between 7% and 13% APR.
  • How it Works
    You pay an initial deposit, normally at least 10 % of the car's price. Then you pay the remainder, with interest, in monthly instalments. There's usually an administration fee to pay with the first payment and an 'option to purchase' fee with the final one. High purchase offers a higher level of consumer protection than an unsecured personal loan.


  • Best for
    People who want a new car regularly without the hassle of owning it.
  • Typical Cost
    Monthly payments are normally between £100 and £400 a month.
  • How it Works
    You choose your vehicle and how long you want it for, and state your annual mileage. These three factors determine your monthly payments. With some schemes, you can opt for the payments to include maintenance.

Personal Contract Plan

  • Best for
    People who want to keep repayments low and like a new car every two to four years.
  • Typical Cost
    Between 7% and 14% APR.
  • How it Works
    You put down a deposit, pay monthly instalments as you go along, and leave a lump sum to pay off at the end of the contract.

The amount you defer, which is set by the finance company, is called the minimum guaranteed future value. The lender guarantees that your car will be worth that amount at the end of the contract.

When the contract ends, you have three options:

  • Pay the deferred sum and keep the car
  • Sell the car privately to fund the final payment
  • Hand the car back

If the car is worth more than predicted, you can use the difference as a deposit on a new car. PCPs offer a higher level of consumer protection than an unsecured personal loan.

For more information about used car finance and used car credit contact PSD Vehicle Sales today or complete the following finance application form.

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